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Club Info

For info email Stephen at  tm.fixitman@hotmail.com or
Kevin at klprentice04@yahoo.com

** Boaters and Non-Boaters Welcome **

~ $60 Annual Membership ~
(Broken down below under Membership)

~ $35 Tournament Entrance Fee ~

II - Meetings

  • Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month.
  • Meetings begin at 6:30 PM sharp.  
  • Meeting location is at Bass Pro Shops (upstairs) 
  • Tournaments Held 2nd Saturday of the Month (Dates may be subject to change)


 III – Membership

  • $60 annual membership Fee.  ($15 LVBC, $15 State Fed. Dues, $35 BASS Nation Dues) 
  • Members must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
  • Members under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian’s signature to be a member.  Additionally they must sign a liability release form for each tournament fished.
  • Guests for Tournaments– Must attend the meeting prior to the tournament fished.  Guest must pay the $30 entry fee (and optional $5 big bass jackpot if desired) for the tournament they are fishing. 
  • Guest can only attend one tournament as a non-member.  In the event there is a shortage of boats for said tournament, ACTIVE MEMBERS will be appointed to the  boater, and the guest may be unable to participate.


 III – Tournaments


  • $30 entry fee per angler.
  • $5 optional big bass jackpot (total of $35)
  • Boater and non-boater pairings are determined by a “blind draw” system.
  • Boaters and non-boaters can’t fish together more than once per 2 tournaments.
  • Anglers may fish up to 3 events per year out of their regular boater or non-boater status.  Any more than 3 events fished out of their status will be discarded.
  • Boaters and or non-boaters that do not show up for previously signed up tournaments forfeit their entry fees.
  • Boaters not paired with a non-boater may fish by themselves, but if a non-boater shows up at the tournament without a boater, said boater will be paired up with that non-boater.
  • In the event of a tie in weight, the angler with the biggest fish weighed in will be awarded the tie-breaker
  • In the event a boater/non-boater pairing is late to the weigh-in times, they will be Disqualified!!    
  • Artificial lures only, pork rind is considered artificial.
  • Use of a net is permitted.
  • Non-boaters are required to reimburse the boater a minimum of $40 to cover operating costs of both the boat and the vehicle used to tow the boat to the tournament  (Boaters Discretion).
  • Tournament locations and dates are subject to change by officers only.


Fish @ Weigh in

  • 13 inch minimum – Closed Mouth , pinched tail.
  • 5 fish limit per boat per day.
  • One big fish per boat will be allowed for Big Fish Jackpot.
  • Fish short of 13 inches will be weighed and deducted from remaining weight.
  • Dead fish at weigh in will result in a .20 (2/10th) LB penalty.
  • Fish presented at scales will be considered “ready” for weigh in and measuring.
  • No culling of fish permitted inside the marina.
    • Culling of Fish inside Marina area will result in a Penalty set forth by the Grievance committee
  • If there are any complaints at the tournaments, said complaint must be reported prior to weigh in.  The officers will select three members to be the grievance committee and said committee’s decision is final.



VI– Tournament payout schedule

  • 1-9 boats with both boater and non-boaters will have a single payout 
  • 10-15 boats with both boater and non-boater will have 2 payouts (first and second place).
  • 16-21 boats with both boater and non-boater will have 3 payouts (first, second and third).
    90% of total entry funds will be paid to the boater/non-boater pair.  The remaining 10% is to be deposited in the clubs checking account.



 VII– Awards

  • Plaques given to 1st place for each tournament.
  • “Angler of the Year” awarded to the angler who has the highest point total for  tournaments fished at all lakes.
  • Members must fish a minimum of 5 tournaments to qualify for “Angler of the Year".



VIII – Drugs and Alcohol

  • The use of illegal drugs and or alcohol prior to or during club functions or events will not be tolerated.  Breaking this rule will result in an immediate 90 day suspension while the club decides the final disciplinary action(s).
  • Second offense results in immediate termination from the club.
  • Club function is officially over at the end of "weigh-in".










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